Lenovo Ideapad Y570 0862MUM USI BCM92070 BT2.1 EDR Flash U NB BT 20002326

Call 02 8081 2555 For Price
Ships in 1-3 Weeks
Warranty: 12 month
Manufacturer: Lenovo Genuine Part
Condition: NEW
Ships in: 2-10 days

Part is sold on a non-return basis.
Parts availability is advised based on known stock quantities at the time the order is placed and could change without notice.
Orders may take up to 14 days to be shipped depends on product availability.

Compatible with:

0646MFM -- IdeaPad Y Series laptops Y560 Laptop (IdeaPad) 0646MFM
0646MUM -- Y560 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0646MUM
064752M -- IdeaPad S Series netbooks S10-3 Laptop (IdeaPad) 064752M
064755M -- IdeaPad S Series netbooks S10-3 Laptop (IdeaPad) 064755M
064756M -- S10-3 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 064756M
064759M -- IdeaPad S Series netbooks S10-3 Laptop (IdeaPad) 064759M
06475CM -- S10-3 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 06475CM
06475DM -- 06475DM
0679ACM -- G560 Laptop (Lenovo) - 0679ACM
0679ADM -- G560 Laptop (Lenovo) - 0679ADM
0862MDM -- Y570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0862MDM
0862MEM -- Y570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0862MEM
0862MFM -- Y570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0862MFM
0862MGM -- Y570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0862MGM
0862MHM -- 0862MHM
0862MLM -- Y570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0862MLM
0862MPM -- Y570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0862MPM
0862MRM -- Y570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0862MRM
0862MSM -- Y570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0862MSM
0862MTM -- 0862MTM
0862MUM -- 0862MUM
09142MM -- IdeaPad Z Series laptops Z560 Laptop (IdeaPad) 09142MM
09142NM -- IdeaPad Z Series laptops Z560 Laptop (IdeaPad) 09142NM
09142RM -- IdeaPad Z Series laptops Z560 Laptop (IdeaPad) 09142RM
09142SM -- 09142SM
0914U2M -- 0914U2M
0914U6M -- Z560 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 0914U6M
102473M -- IdeaPad Z Series laptops Z570 Laptop (IdeaPad) 102473M
102474M -- 102474M
10247LM -- Z570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 10247LM
10247MM -- 10247MM
10247NM -- Z570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 10247NM
10247QM -- Z570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 10247QM
10247RM -- Z570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 10247RM
10247SM -- Z570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 10247SM
10247UM -- 10247UM
10248FM -- Z570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 10248FM
10248HM -- Z570 Laptop (IdeaPad) - 10248HM
10248YM -- 10248YM
4397M2M -- IdeaPad Y Series laptops Y560P Laptop (IdeaPad) 4397M2M
4397M4M -- 4397M4M
4397M6M -- Y560P Laptop (IdeaPad) - 4397M6M
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